Come and join me in a big city. Let’s go streetfishing. It’s the most exciting thing you have ever done. We are true sports fishermen, so we practice catch and release all the time. Enjoy your stay and become a member on our social media platforms.


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George Piek, also known as Sjors, is an all-round fisherman with over 35 years of experience. Even as a toddler he could be found by the water’s edge, waving around a fishing rod. He caught many species since those early days. As of now, Sjors masters a wide variety of techniques and all of these are highly successful day and again. He’s also an avid competition angler and is well known with the latest products on the market. Sjors specializes in catching pike, zander, perch and asp. Catching these specimen predators is not done from a boat, but from the bank! He would like to take you along to teach you the tricks of the trade in the world of street fishing. Choose what you want to do: dropshot, jigging, Texas rig. Carolina rig, spinning, you name it! In addition to instruction in techniques, you will learn the finer aspects bank fishing in relation to water sense.

Street fishing invariably happens in larger cities. The ambiance of a large city is a perfect match to the freedom a fishing trip can offer. Sjors can find the hot spots in most of our big cities and those are almost guaranteed to bring fish to the bank. Your guide will go though great lengths to get those fish to strike and to subsequently get you your trophy photograph. Whatever happens, you are guaranteed to get an amazing fishing trip.

Sjors Piek is FOX Rage pro-staff and all tackle will be supplied by FOX Rage. Therefore there is no need to bring anything else but you. Of course it’s fine if you want to bring your own gear.


Venues: Alkmaar, Amsterdam, Den Haag, Dordrecht, Gouda, Haarlem, Hellevoetsluis, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Zwolle. (Other cities on request.)

Extra charges apply for: Alkmaar, Amsterdam, Haarlem, Utrecht, Zwolle.

Techniques: Dropshot, jigging, Texas rig, Carolina rig, spinning. Dead baiting and ‘polder’ fishing is done on request.

Note: The ‘polders’ are unique waters to the Netherlands, created to facilitate the dispersion of rainwater from the fields. These usually crystal clear and shallow waters are a haven for pike.

Extra: Night fishing sessions are possible, as well as trips to Antwerp, Gant, or Paris. Photographs will be shared on several media and the trip will include a thirty to forty-five minute lunch in a nice establishment (not included in price).

Take into account that a valid Dutch fishing license is required. If you do not have one, you will need to procure one yourself.

For questions and requests, please contact me at: or +31(0)6-109 709 62


Languages: Dutch, English and German.


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