This website is entirely dedicated to predator fishing in the Netherlands and the rest of Europe. We support sport fishing and game fish preservation –We practice catch and release at all times! Enjoy and become member of our social media platforms.

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Welcome to the website of MYSTERY-FISHING.NL, the website for fishermen, by fishermen. Mystery Fishing aims to bring massive amounts of joy to fishermen through scores of new and unique concepts. Creating new concepts is Mystery Fishing’s true strength.

The Mystery Fishing concepts can be recognized by their own identity, combined with our experience and planning. Furthermore, they are coupled to their own domain name and corresponding social media. In short, it’s a website filled to the brim for everyone.

This website is called Mystery Fishing, because fishing is inherently mysterious. You will never know if you’re going to catch that new personal best or an old shoe. We wish a very nice catch to everyone.

Mystery-fishing practices catch and release!!!



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